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What is to be gained, shared and communicated

with other minds and hearts

when an image emerges into consciousness,

a product of heart and soul,

captured and actualized,

a geometric object of a personal cosmos

mounted like a moth in a shadowbox?


Wings as flight and shelter,

feathers as simple keepsakes,

portals to memories of body and mind.


Just this:

Be receptive,

reject the barrier of high-minded

 common sense.

Accept the images of the soul,

find an armature to display life.

Accept all, value all, in equal balance;

this offers a way to interpret,

to celebrate!


In the most mundane,

we resonate with the other.

In encounters we have not chosen,

we resonate with the other.

In how we adapt, handle and frame,

we resonate with the other.

In how we love and seethe,

we resonate with the other.


We all have wings

 and the inherent ability to

 be released from the limits

we impose on ourselves.


Flight as Creation

Flight as Voice

Flight as Empowerment

“Curly’s new artistic work, Wings: A Memoir, takes the viewer into the intimate and archetypal passages of her own life, portraying provocative narrative-images that reveal the joys, sufferings, challenges and sacredness of six decades of vivid living.”

~ Sue Monk Kidd

Author, The Invention of Wings


“Artist Curly Clark masterfully combines textiles and text to create Wings: A Memoir. Every cloth feather in this magnificent wingspan illumines a personal turning point or passage, universal to women everywhere. Curly’s powerful piece illustrates how the very fabric of a woman’s life can be fashioned into wings.”

~ Terry Helwig

Creator, The Thread Project

Author, Moonlight on Linoleum: 

A Daughter’s Memoir

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